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How to Order:
Click on the green BROWSE button (upper left) Then choose from What’s in store and/or What's On Order, then celect Popular (our Best Selling titles) and/or  Bargain Books.  You can further narrow your choices by choosing a Subject  (look for the blue “+” if you want to narrow your search).  Then click another subject, and so on.  It is really fun & amazing to see what you can discover by using the filters! Once you have made your choices, go to checkout and  provide payment information. We'll then email you when your order is ready for pickup.

  *** And, if you want even more control, look at the options offered in the green box, top middle.  You can use the KEYWORD (Looking for something on Kale or France?) box to find unique titles or the FILTER & SORT box plus SORT BY to arrange titles by your preferred arrangement.  Keyword works great with just the author's last name plus a unique word from the title.  

And the DISPLAY button gives you different ways and differing degrees of information.  Click on the covers for detailed information and sometimes a “more inside” option. Whew!  Lots of options, have fun!

Another option is to preview what is arriving soon For this, just follow the above instructions- only this time, choose What’s on Order instead of what’s in store.   For the on order books, you can place an order and we will reserve a copy for you and give you a call when they arrive.  This is especially useful for single copies!