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Thank you for your interest in presenting an event at Grass Roots and for helping us spread the love of books. Below is some helpful information regarding events.

1. Book Availability: For author events hosted by Grass Roots, we prefer to order books directly from publishers with whom we are already established and where we get free freight.  Alternately, if your book is available from the distributor Baker & Taylor, we can order from them, with free freight and penalty-free returns.  Although your book may be available from Ingram Book Company, we cannot order from them for events because they don't extend event return privileges. When we cannot obtain books from the publisher or from B&T, we ask the author to provide them. Please see below for event specific consignment terms.

2. Scheduling: Preferred scheduling for events is evenings Monday-Thursday. Due to the busy holiday season and our annual inventory, events are not scheduled in Nov., Dec., and Jan. The summer is a slow period in Corvallis, and so we prefer to keep a lighter schedule then as well. In addition to store events, we also do book sales for a number of other events in the community. For this reason, please consider contacting the store at least 2 months before you plan to be in town, or would like to have your event.

3. Publicity: Grass Roots does extensive marketing for all of our events through our website, social media, local online calendars, in-store displays and flyers, co-sponsorships, and our newsletter, the Grass Roots Reader. While we do send press releases to the local newspapers in town, authors are encouraged to contact them as well, and to distribute information and flyers around the area to draw a larger audience for their event. For a PDF of your event flyer, links to our website event page, and contact information for other local media, please contact our Events Coordinator.

4. Contact: Please contact our Events Coordinator, Sierra, via email at Include your name, book title, ISBN, and an explanation of your contacts in Corvallis.
Thank you for your interest in selling your items at Grass Roots. Below is some helpful information regarding our consignment policy.

1. General Terms & Payment: For items we decide to carry, we pay 75% to the artist, reserving 25% for the store.  Because we have so many consignees, we can't pay each person every single month when products have sold (we would be spending all our time on paperwork). We prefer to pay when a product has sold out to zero and we're ready for a resupply--or approximately every three months if we haven't sold out. We ask the consignor to call or email or stop by the store periodically (perhaps once a month or once every few months) to check stock and to prompt us for payment. Consignors are responsible to pick-up or manage shipment of unsold merchandise. If we decide to discontinue an item from our inventory, we do not pay return freight.

2. Event Specific Terms & Payment: We request an industry standard 60/40 split (60% to you, 40% discount to the bookstore) on books sold at the event.  Sandy Smith, the co-owner and bookkeeper of Grass Roots, will mail a check as soon as possible, within 30 days, following the event. Books sold at events must be sold through Grass Roots. 
If you would like to keep a few copies on consignment (quantity to be determined depending on the response to the book at the event, but anywhere from 1 to 5 copies) afterwards, we can stay at 60/40 or would be happy to revert to our standard consignment terms of 75% to the author/25% to the bookstore.  We pay for consignment books when an entire invoice has sold out and we are ready to restock, or about once a year (prompted by the author because we have so many consignors) for partial sales of an invoice.  We rely on the author checking in with us every few months (email is fine) regarding sales and stock on hand.  Also, if you live out of the area, we do not pay returns postage on consignment items.  So if you decided to remove your items after a certain amount of time, you would need to pick them up or provide prepaid returns postage.  

Terms are subject to change.